5 Items From CES 2019 You Can Buy Today For Less than $40

At CES every year we get to see some really amazing technology. From dancing robots, to flying cars, to roll up $40k television, CES brings us a vision into tomorrow’s technology, today. Most of the items you see reported though, are not yet available for purchase or they have crazy price tags attached. I searched the CES floors to find 5 items that are innovative, cost less than $40 and you can purchase them right now from amazon or their website. Let’s check out the tech!


Seedsheet is a smart all in one gardening system. It includes a pot, soil and seeds to grow your own herbs, or vegtables easily. The innovative feature is that you sign up for smart text with the device to know when to water, harvest and more. Get your herbs growing folks. No reason not to at this price point. Grows up to $92 worth of Organic nonGMO Produce! Click here to check it out on Amazon. 

MPOWERD Luci Pro Series: Lux + Mobile Charging, Solar Inflatable Light

Luci Pro Lux is a really cool piece of lighting tech.  This light is completely waterproof and has a solar power charger in the top. It also comes with a two-way USB port. You can  charge the light  from empty to a full 50 hours of light use in just a few hours when plugged in to a power source. Your also have the option to use the solar charger.   Perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, emergency kits, pool & patio lighting or a unique gift. This inflatable light connects to your smart phone to change the light RGB and on and off, but your actually don’t need to use that part to have a functioning light. You can also use the USB to charge your smart phone with this light and still have some power left over for the light to work. Really cool tech.


My Arcade makes these really cool little classic video game players. You have two options, the stand-up 6.75 inch  arcade machine or a handheld version you can take on the go. Both are the same price.  Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are out to get one of gaming’s most iconic characters, PAC-MAN. Originally released in 1980, PAC-MAN is often regarded as one of the most famous arcade games and is still a staple in arcades across the world. Power with a micro-USB or 4-AA batteries. There are several different choices of retro games with more releasing all the time if Pac-Man isn’t your preferred choice.

Get the Pac-Man Micro Player from Amazon here. 

FoundMi Bluetooth Tracker

FoundMi Makes these cute little bluetooth trackers that are characters from pop culture shows like Rick and Morty, Super Heroes, Harry Potter or Starwars. You can attach the tracker, link the tag to the app on your phone, and you’ll never waste time searching for your stuff again. Some thing you could attach a FoundMi to are things like your keys, a book, a wallet or your suitcase. The FoundMi can also be used as a remote selfie taker. It will alert your phone to the last location that the item was. It includes a battery that is replaceable in the device.

Get a FoundMi Bluetooth Tracker from Amazon here


Kangaroo Motion Sensor System

Kangaroo is mixing up the smart home world with their straight forward and low-cost smart home devices. All you need for a safer home is one Kangaroo Motion Sensor and their free app. A simple but effective home security system, their wireless Motion Sensor detects household disturbances and sends an alert directly to your phone or contacts emergency services. Easy to install it’s just a stick on the wall with included double sided tape and you are all set. You can put this device high enough on the wall that it only detects people, not your pets too! They also offer a more advanced ongoing security montioring system, but all you need is this one little device to start monitoring your home for intruders.

Get a Kangaroom Motion Sensor from Amazon here.

There you have it folks! Some cool tech from this years CES that you can purchase and have in your home via Amazon prime in just a day or two.


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