MacBackpackers Review of Scotland Tour

tourmapLooking for a MacBackpackers Review? Here we go. I generally travel solo. That can make for some chaotic fun experiences like booking a hotel, navigating 3 types of local transit ( all of which required different cards, timetable and ways to pay) and figuring out where you are eating. It also can sometimes suck to take pictures at your local monument by selfie or asking someone next to you to take a photo. For these reasons and the huge amount of area that is In Scotland’s northern areas, I decided to purchase at midnight the night before I left at 8am, a 3 day trip to the isle of Skye with MacBackpackers Review Scotland Tour.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but showed up bushy tailed and bright eyes for our 8am departure. The Bus was a BMW 16 seater, that had a microphone speaker system that no matter where you were sitting you were able to hear the driver. The seats were comfortable and there were large windows to see everything going on around you. All the pictures you see on this page were taken by me and my trusty android phone. Yes Android camera phone. The area is that beautiful that the photos look great no matter what ;). On with the MacBackpackers Review.

MacBackpackers Review Of The Driver

The driver really makes the tour amazing. I read this online in multiple places and was some what questioning the legitimacy of this. When you return from a tour are you not super happy with your guide usually? But I can safely assure you that it is true. Neil our driver had been doing the bus for 11 years and his unique blend of crafty storytelling and history of the area was amazing! While driving along the  many kms up to the isle of Skye there are sometimes very long patches of road. Mountains, lakes and fields of sheep tend to start to blur, but thankfully he was able to tell stories that matched exactly the length of time required to reach the destination. Right at the highlight of any the countless stories, myths, legends and history –  Neil was able to point out the window and show the mountain, castle or historical highlight that matched his winding tale. This really made the journey much more enjoyable and helped the time pass.

The tour itself was great and because on my specific smaller,winter tour, of only 7 people. Our driver was much more flexible in allowing us to see the things we wanted to see. Even if those things were a little ways off the main tour. Your mileage may very. I of course made Facebook friends with the people I met and really enjoyed the different experience of not having to travel by myself. 

I was able to see some amazing beautiful things on this trip like The Faerie Pools, Loch Ness and Dourne Castle – Which is the Inside of Winterfell, and of course the castle from Monty Python.  We also climbed a huge mountain that had some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen and stick my foot in loch ness.

AwardLogoShadowThe winter time made the tour some what cold but I fully enjoyed meeting the people on the tour from around the world and being able to travel without having to plan my next move every day.  The history and stories i learned on the experience made this a worth while trip. If you are thinking about checking it out I recommend you do so!

The Isly of Skye MacBackpackers Review tour has won the best tour in the world in 2015 from Tour Radar. I can see why. My MacBackpackers Review is 5 stars!

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