Top 5 Geek Travel Destinations

I travel a fair amount, some work, some pleasure. I thought it would be great to put together my thoughts on some of the top geeky destinations that you can visit. I’ve visited some of these, and some are still on my bucket list! Now, Internet, before you get all crazy about how I forgot your favorite geek travel destination, or “how could I choose this and not that”… this is not meant to be the only geek travel destination post in the world. Make your own!


1 – Comic Con – San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina – San Diegosdcc

No list would be complete without a trip to the largest geek fest there is! San Diego Comic Con! If you are lucky enough to get tickets, you are most of the way there! They go on sale and tend to sell out well in advance. That doesn’t mean you can’t still attend the city and check out all the amazing things that are hapening outside the convention center. Cosplay and events as far as the eye can see! The San Diego Mattiott Marquis and Marina is attached right to the convention center so you should be able to spend less time walking and more time geeking it up! If you get the chance, make sure you put SDCC on your geeky bucket list!


2. Hobbiton Lord of the Rings Movie Tour- Middle Earth in New Zealand

toury The huge epic movie by Peter Jackson was filmed in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. New Zealand! Scattered around New Zealand are spots that were transformed into sets for the three movies and the subsequent Hobbit sequels. One of the most famous was that of The Shire, home to the plucky hobbits, and while filming has finished, today you can still visit The Shire and see where the movie magic was created. You can check it all out with an awesome tour package!universal


3. Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida

Harry Potter World! Go behind the scenes in all your favorite Harry Potter film experiences! Rides, butter beer and Movie insider information. You can’t go wrong with this. As an added bonus you also get Springfield from the Simpsons! Experience the Quick-e-mart and The simpson ride. Transformers, Shrek, Et, Terminated, Men in Black… the list goes on and on for geeky fun! A must do!


musem4.  The Superman Man Museum and Statue – Metropolis, Illinois

A little town in Illinois is home to all things superman! It includes an amazing little superman musem, A superman statue and more man of steel themed fun! They hold a celebration annually in the second weekend of June called “The Superman Celebration” where people from all over the world come to celebrate the Official Superman town! What a great weekend i’ve got to check out sometime!


5. International UFO Museum and Research Center – Roswell, New Mexicoufo

Visit the center of all alien conspiracies Roswell, New Mexico! Spend a leisurely stroll through this museum while checking out actual photographs of the people interviewed, newspaper clippings and more! Expect a cheesy day of fun and make sure to take some alien selfies!


These fun geeky travel destinations are just a few of the fun places you can travel and reveal in your inner geek. What are your top geeky destinations? Share in the comments!


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